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These new arrangements or changes will directly make Eritrean neighbors Tigrai and Afar. How will act the extremists and worshipers of Isaias? It is wonderful, the very guys they hate will be their immediate neighbors. Celebrate bigots we want to see more HOHs till exhaustion.

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Number of visitors is subjected to change as the record is available to visitors all time. Comparing the total population of Blen about , as per the reportvisitors 3.

This implies dispersed Bilen communities are connected via the radio. In addition, it has an accessible archive with primary teaching resources for perpetuity, providing unadulterated Blin dialect.

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The Blen, their language and collective identity are in dire situation and the dispersed people passionately struggling to safeguard their identity, for different reasons.

In the world of globalization, languages and cultures are becoming extinct. And though the Blin language is not among the endangered languages, circumstances and migration are putting great pressure on maintaining its dialectical purity and vocabulary preservation. Due to the continuous onslaught by Ethiopian feudal warlords, followed by the Eritrean ruling regime, the PFDJ, the people are leaving homes in unprecedented numbers—in an exodus unmatched in history except in the 16th century.

Blen people have very controversial history; a widely accepted narration states that in the 16th century the Blen people immigrated to Eritrea from Agow-Lasta of central Ethiopia where they have kinships still living there [ii]. Today, it is not a surprise to find members of one-family adhering to different religions and speaking different languages.

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Due to the thirty-years of war with Ethiopia that is now followed by the ruthless PFDJ administration, the Blen faced massive exodus which resulted in breaking up of family links in scattered settlements.

Depending on the nature of push factor and its challenges, the waves of migration can be divided into two: First Waves of migration and Challenges — s to s When Ethiopia started burning villages and massacring their inhabitants, the Blen people were its first victims—such as the villages of Ona and Besigidira that were burned and their people massacred.

Due to these horrific tragedies, families started to flee their homes and the villages were abandoned. Refugee camps were established in in the Sudan which became their new settlements.

A few lucky families were resettled in, Australia, Sweden, Norway and Canada.

Sheh Ibrahim Siraj - Amharic Quran Tefsir abubaker Added 5 years ago jzk khyre for all you upload quran tefsir, just want to suggest that if you can write the sura and aya number ustaze Said is giving it will help save time bint ibrahim Added 5 years ago masha allah jezakumullah kheyer Mohammed seid Added 5 years ago Yigar maal yebati sawoch yesarut ye irq huneetaa. Nov 18,  · The women smashing Ethiopia's glass ceiling Ethiopians like to say they were ruled by Queen Sheba in biblical times - something they take great pride in, yet the reality is that the Horn of Africa state is a deeply male-dominated caninariojana.com gender and law consultant Hilina Birhanu puts it: "Patriarchy is our society's mother tongue. The question of spiritual proselytizing in public being given to our neighbors in Amharic before Eritreans call for a separate analysis. Tigrians but their organization has been a cancerous thing for many people in the horn Africa at large and the things I write about them in this forum is .

Those who continued to live in the refugee camps experienced difficulties in preserving their culture and language because of the daily challenges of life. As a result, families were forced to send their children to schools whose medium of instruction was Arabic.

However, families stayed together and that gave them a limited advantage of using their language at home. The other group of emigrants who went far away from home and settled in a completely new environment faced unique challenges: Because of daily work and limited contact with their children, not only their culture but also their native language was at risk.

Second Waves of Migration and Challenges — to present While Bilen people were living under historical trauma of mass migration and social pressure, since the year they have been experiencing a type of migration due to lack of freedom and forced conscription.

Horrified by indefinite military service and exposure to systematic torture and crimes, the young people are escaping to unknown destinations. And unlike in the past, the do not stop at the refugee camps but continue their journey through the Sahara Desert, crossing the Mediterranean Sea and then scattering all over Europe—a journey of three to four years including the asylum processing time.

The difficult journey causes them severe anxiety and trauma. The majority being young and single, they are exposed to all forms of identity erosion. Because of their horrible experience under the PFDJ administration, their politics is terrifying, and is often a taboo subject—they have been exposed to constant brainwashing that forces them to shun politics.

The impact of such tendencies is easily observable in their social interactions and the initiatives they take for their social gathering. Blen People and their Role in Eritrean Politics Based on their centuries old history, the downfalls and retreats they faced have affected their capability to protect themselves.

Their exodus from central highlands of Ethiopia was due to their losing power and weakness to protect themselves. Even when they settled in their present territory, their capability to defend themselves remained weaker.

Their adoption of Catholicism could be a possible reason of conformity and inability to safeguard the status quo.

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They claimed their family tree Terke, Tawke and 12 Neged as a main source of social division among themselves. Such developments led to the weakening of the social cohesion of the Blen and their ability to protect their common interests in unison.

The impact of such disintegrations was prevalent throughout the armed struggle and continues now under the PFDJ rule. During the struggle erathe majority of Blen fighters were members of ELF and they gained a reputation as being loyal members.

When ELF was defeated and left the field, Blen fighters were the first victims of political assassination and forced exile. Known ex-members of the ELF became vulnerable.

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Consequently, the Blen elite fled away, far from home. Resettlements and Opportunities Because of deep connection with their traditions, once displaced from their original land, life for the refugees becomes challenging.

It usually starts with cultural shock, nostalgia, alienation, depression, and anxiety.Aug 08,  · Paltalk Express is a web-based version of Paltalk with fewer features but may give you the functions you need. It may also be that Paltalk will work with Amharic if you are running Windows Vista or Windows 7, but I have not tested this.

Nov 18,  · The women smashing Ethiopia's glass ceiling Ethiopians like to say they were ruled by Queen Sheba in biblical times - something they take great pride in, yet the reality is that the Horn of Africa state is a deeply male-dominated caninariojana.com gender and law consultant Hilina Birhanu puts it: "Patriarchy is our society's mother tongue.

St. Mary of Debre Sina: The Unseen “Lalibela” in # Eritrea Ethiopian s and Eritreans are one people, said in Amharic the foreign minister and the president of the State of Eritrea to the Ethiopian people during their visit of Addis Ababa, in July, Isaias was feted as a hero and received traditional Ethiopian warrior outfits and a live camel: the emblem of his state.

Assyrian Language Partners - Online Language Exchange - Members Search Results Click on a name for more information or to contact the member. Members: Log in . Ethiomedia is the leading source of news and views about Ethiopia. The relations of Tigrait, Tigrinya and Amharic With Ge’ez Language As it is traditionally known and incontestable among all experts of the Semitic languages, both Arabs and non-Arabs, the Bejian language (Tigrait) with the two Abyssinia languages (Tigrinya and Amharic), originate from Geez, which is the language of the Ag’azian tribe.

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