The origin of the polygraph lie detector test

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The origin of the polygraph lie detector test

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Following the lie detector test, upon request, a written report will be provided to you at no charge.The history of research into psychophysiological measurements as an aid to detecting lying, widely known as the ‘lie detector’ or polygraph, is the focus of this review. The History of the Polygraph Machine.

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In an inadequate lie detector test was invented by a man named James McKenzie. Later on in the 18th century, , a medical student named John Larson from the University of California invented the modern polygraph instrument, which was much more accurate in its results than the previous machine.

The origin of the polygraph lie detector test

The lie detector test or polygraph test dates back to the s. In fact, the “deception test” was the first test ever created to effective measure physiological changes. While the lie detector results are admissible in court, they can help law enforcement determine if a suspect is being suspect.

Even the term "lie detector," used to refer to polygraph testing, is a misnomer. So-called "lie detection" involves inferring deception through analysis of physiological responses to a structured, but unstandardized, series of questions.

And the history of the polygraph - better known as the lie detector test - is littered with people who have been able to trick it. The polygraph machine was invented in in Berkeley, California. The Polygraph (Lie Detector) is a scientific instrument capable of simultaneously recording changes in several physiological variables while the subject is asked a series of questions pertaining to a specific issue under investigation.

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