Linda flower writing for an audience essay

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Linda flower writing for an audience essay

Flower diligently articulates how we instill knowledge so that we powerfully get the point across the first time. Luckily writing is a story with rough drafts. Through the knowledge we give we can then develop a since of attitude that depicts an image the way we want it to We must generalize the emotions and associations so that we can relate to our audience and even let their imagination run some.

Flower does well with this as she implicates this with the inevitable teacher to student relationship or when she describes the weather which has affected us since we were born. Flower even exemplified a way to establish a common ground with us by using a generic third person approach by using words such as: We can see the crowd in a disarray of our fans at the edge of their seats and our parents at the edge of losing their voice.

I ram a pass that breaks through their barricade of a defense and we storm towards the goal. As the longest final minutes our team has ever endured begin to come to an end we give it one last shot.

For a moment I seem weightless as I watch the ball soar into my view. Shocked, their keeper attempts to capture such a moment, but he lets it slip! With the ball in the back of the net, the whistle blows and we rush the stands to meet our eagerly waiting fans half way, as the new national champions.

It almost had to go into overtime, but I scored.

Linda flower writing for an audience essay

Imagine if we were to take out the knowledge and the details that gave the point of view at times. Instead we grabbed their attention! Write to the audience to give them something to remember.The Process of Writing - The Process of Writing Throughout my whole life I have been taught to write many different ways and on how I should approach my writing assignments in and outside of class.

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It's a get time to curl up on the couch with a warm blankie, a. In "Writing for An Audience", Linda Flower, describes how she sees a succesful writer. She tells us that we have to start by "Analyzing the audience" then she divides this concept into parts; knowledge, attitude and needs.

In each category she defines every single one of these with great use of words. 4. What does Flower believe constitutes a “good college paper” (9)?

Do you agree with her assessment? Why or why not? Flower, Linda. "Writing for an Audience." Language Awareness: Readings for College Writers. Ed.

Alison Granucci -- Lectures Readings Illuminations

by Paul Eschholz, Alfred Rosa, and Virginia Clark. 8th ed. Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s, The writing process is the series of actions required to produce a coherent written text.

It is a key term in the teaching of writing.

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