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Meteorological history of Hurricane Wilma Map plotting the track and the intensity of the storm, according to the Saffir—Simpson scale During mid-Octobera large area of disturbed weather developed across much of the Caribbean Sea, as a lower-tropospheric low interacted with a broad area of disturbed weather, aided by an upper-level low across the region.

Info for short essay on hurricane wilma

Increasing Frequency Of Hurricanes Words: Hurricanes that impact the United States mostly occur in the Atlantic and travel into the Gulf of Mexico.

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With winds up to miles per hour, nothing can stand in the way of the most extreme category 5 hurricanes. Hurricanes destroy cities, homes, agriculture and anything in their way due to their high winds and intense rains.

Info for short essay on hurricane wilma

Recently, sc One of nature's most destructive forces is the Hurricane. The storm grew into a Category 5 hurricane. They named it Carla.

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We lived in a Houston neighborhood with small homes and ditches running alongside the streets. In those days, people did not evacuate to flee storms, nor did they board up their homes; they stayed put. My parents decided to throw a hurric I was 10 years old in September of when a storm began to form out in the Gulf of Mexico.

Both weather phenomenon cause great amounts of damage and destruction. One of the most common misconceptions is that both hurricanes and tornados are simply different names for the same thing. However, that is not true.

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They both do share similar qualities and characteristics, but they are different entities all together. Hurricanes an Hurricanes and tornados are both devastating forces of nature.Hurricane Wilma November 24, Geology Introducion: Cyclones, Hurricanes, and Typhoons, these cyclonic storms are known by many names but are all born from the same mechanism: low pressure systems.


Hurricane Wilma was a most unusual tropical system in a most unusual Atlantic hurricane season in The storm, in many ways, was overshadowed by Hurricane Katrina, which pulverized New Orleans. Hurricane Wilma was the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic Ocean.

It destroyed parts of the Yucatán Peninsula and southern Florida during October in the Atlantic hurricane season.

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Wilma broke several . It is hit almost every year, doing severe damage, hurricanes can be dangerous killers, and hurricanes are rated in intensity on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale, this scale rates hurricane by their wind speed, barometric pressure, storm surge height, and damage potential.

Free Essays words ( pages) Hurricanes Essay - INTRODUCTION The term “hurricane” is a name given to violent storms that originate over the tropical or subtropical waters of the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico, or North Pacific Ocean.

The National Hurricane Center in published a memorandum titled "The deadliest, costliest, and most intense United States tropical cyclones from to (and other frequently requested hurricane facts).".

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