Darebin mayor s writing award for kids

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Darebin mayor s writing award for kids

Northcote A second Melbourne council has been stripped of its power to hold citizenship ceremonies after voting to dump its Australia Day celebrations. The date of all public holidays are decided at the state level — so how would we go about changing the date of Australia Day? But Ms Hutchins said that the councils failed to consult properly, and that she supported the Australia Day holiday.

According to Darebin council, it has the second-largest Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population in metropolitan Melbourne. Last week, the Federal Government stripped the Yarra City Council of its rights to hold Australian citizenships ceremonies throughout the year, after its decision to scrap its Australia Day ceremony.

What Darebin voted to do: Acknowledge that January 26 marks the beginning of the British invasion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander lands and oppression of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and is therefore not an appropriate date for an inclusive national celebration.

Acknowledge the first Day of Mourning was held on January 26,being the th anniversary of the British invasion. The day was attended by Indigenous Australians and non-Indigenous supporters in protest of the national holiday and the "callous treatment" of Aboriginal people and continues to be held annually.

This includes referring to January 26 merely as January 26 in all communications. Advocate to the Federal Government to change the date in line with the resolution passed by the National General Assembly of Local Government in June Continue to recognise excellence and service in Darebin, renewed as the Darebin Community Awards, and to be awarded on a day other than January In collaboration with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders, introduce new categories within the awards that recognise and celebrate the achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who live, work or study in Darebin.

Reaffirm a commitment to holding citizenship ceremonies in a positive and timely way on dates as required that will not include January Rachel Carlisle, Volunteer for the Darebin Fruit Squad, and Martin O’Callaghan, Urban Food Program leader at DIVRS, were presented the award by Costa Georgiadis, in the presence of City of Darebin’s Mayor, Gaetano Greco (all pictured above).

Darebin Mayor's Writing Awards This year’s theme is: The table is a meeting place, even the simplest meal is a gift.

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We are looking for stories. Essential Kids; Find A Babysitter; It also voted to refer to Australia Day as January 26 and rename its Australia Day awards as the "Darebin Community Awards".

darebin mayor s writing award for kids

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Darebin Mayor, Councillor Gaetano Greco, is pleased to announce the inaugural Mayor’s Writing Award for writers who live, work or study within the City. The Lord Mayor’s Creative Writing Awards encourage emerging writers and celebrate Melbourne’s status as a UNESCO City of Literature.

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