Dangers of undercover police cars essay

However, the increased demand of this profession is one of the reasons why it is an enticing option for a lot of job seekers. If you are going to try it out, it is important to remember that there are some challenges as well as rewards that await you. Thus, here are some pros and cons of being a police officer to determine if this job is really for you or not.

Dangers of undercover police cars essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. One of the most interesting roles that they take in my opinion is the role of undercover police work. It is one of the most unique jobs an officer can have; they, in a sense are living a double life.

These operations are very secretive and undercover officers can be used in huge operations to take someone down or simply just talking to people on the street to gain more intel about certain crimes.

Undercover work is also very tricky because at any moment in time the officers could be made out to be not who they say they are and the operation could be ruined, or worse, they could be severely injured or killed.

Undercover work is sometimes considered controversial, because sometimes they have to break the law to enforce the law Joh, These officers may sometimes suffer from stress, alcohol or drug abuse, and extreme anxiety while undercover, some have a difficult time reintegrating back into society after the operation.

Undercover police work has been romanticized in television; however undercover officers have many duties and take a lot of risks with their lives and the lives of others while trying to bring justice to the public. After completion of the police academy and after officially becoming a police officer, the first thing an officer has to do in order to be considered for an undercover operation is to pass the many phases of the tests they are given.

Even with completion of these tests it is not always guaranteed that they will be chosen for an operation. An extensive background check is also performed, the officer must have extensive experience in the field, so it is not Dangers of undercover police cars essay that right after you become an officer you will be chosen for undercover work.

Undercover officers must be prepared for the work that they are about to do. Sometimes the officers could be working with other undercover officers, or they could be working solo on the operation. The officers are living double lives, they need to be prepared for the stress that they are about to take on while working undercover.

There are many types of undercover operations that officers deal with.

Dangers of undercover police cars essay

Surveillance operations are highly based on deception techniques to gather information. The main role is to collect information not to influence people to commit crimes.

Officers are usually sent to places to collect this information, for example, schools, bars, or prisons Joh, Secondly, there are the preventive operations which are used to try to stop the offenses from taking place; they may divert the suspect Joh, And lastly there are the facilitative operations; this is when the officers encourage the offenses by strengthening the suspects.

The officers sometimes may provide aid or goods to the suspects. This type of operation is the most controversial, because many think that an officer breaking the law to enforce the law is not justifiable Joh, Undercover officers are most likely going to be working with highly dangerous criminals.

Some of the operations they could be involved with are huge drug operations, and depending on how far into the operation they are the more dangerous it could get. This profession can be very dangerous, and takes a very strong individual to take the role on.

They are isolated from their families and friends for what could be a very long time.

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They hang out with criminals all day and could be forced to do criminal acts to prove themselves to the criminals that they are hanging out with. Most of the time they do not just get to go home to their normal houses every night, they are staying, eating, and breathing with these people.

They are putting their lives at risk every day by just being around these people and being around the crimes that they commit. They are also always at risk of blowing their cover or having someone find out that they are not who they say they are. This could lead to their death if they are found to be un-loyal and even worse to the criminals, a police officer.

But sometimes with high risk comes high reward if the operation is a success, they could take down very powerful organizations, or convict highly dangerous criminals. Participating in crime is something officers may have to do in the undercover operations.

Cops are allowed to participate in crime only if it furthers the objectives of the operation. The boundaries of this rule are slim, and some cops cross the line and become criminals themselves because they are so caught up in the double life they live. Pretending to be drug dealers, gun buyers, or even in reverse stings they can provide drugs to the suspects, these are all examples of when the officers provide opportunities for the suspects to engage in crime Joh, Criminals often tend to test the undercover officers loyalty by making them participate in crimes, this is when they have to maintain their identity so they sometimes do participate in the crimes asked of them Joh, Officers have to be very careful with how they go about these operations.

The question of entrapment is sometimes raised during the conviction of the criminals.

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This complicates things that police officers are allowed to do. In some rare cases undercover officers have faced prosecution for the crimes they have committed while undercover. In order to actually convict a police officer of these crimes you have to prove that they had the mental state to actually want to commit the crime.

The court would also take into consideration the previously stated rule that police officers may commit some crimes only if it furthers the objectives to the undercover operation in progress.Most experienced police managers feel that undercover assignments should be given to officers who have at least three years of police experience and some investigative background.

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Those officers have the law enforcement skills necessary to make an undercover assignment safe and productive.  The Role of Undercover Police Officers Kayla Newsome University of Wisconsin Oshkosh There are many roles that police officers and police departments take on.

One of the most interesting roles that they take in my opinion is the role of undercover police work. It is one of the most unique jobs an officer can have; they, in a sense are living a double life. One manifestation is the expansion of undercover police practices as part of the rise of the new surveillance (computer dossiers, electronic location monitoring, drug and DNA testing, video and audio monitoring, etc.).

The role of the undercover (often referred to as "UC," pronounced "you see") cop is often misunderstood by the non-police public. Cops who are only working in plainclothes and/or grow beards or longer hair are sometimes thought to be "undercover".

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Dangers of undercover police cars essay

Try it now with much of their work being outdoors walking the beats assigned to them or riding in patrol cars. Female officers accept the risks of undercover work Open this photo in gallery: Toronto police on Tuesday renewed warnings for women in the west downtown core to be mindful of their surroundings.

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