Counseling services

Services Available Academic Counselors are available to assist you in clarifying and planning your academic goals. Human Career Development classes, taught by counselors, are designed to assist you in becoming a successful student. We can refer students with special learning needs to a variety of support services.

Counseling services

Welcome to Counseling Services The primary mission of Counseling Services is to assist Fairmont State students in defining and accomplishing personal, academic, and career goals.

To accomplish the mission, Counseling Services strive for high-quality provision of: Individual and group counseling services to students who may be experiencing psychological, behavioral, or learning difficulties.

Programming focused on the developmental needs of students to maximize their potential to benefit from the academic environment and experience. Consultative services to the institution to help foster an environment supportive of the intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and physical development of students.

Advocacy for a healthy and diverse learning community. Assessment services to identify and address student needs through appropriate services and referrals. Crisis response, including threat assessment. Counseling Services provides assessment, supportive and psycho-educational counseling, brief psychotherapy, workshops, consultation, and referrals as appropriate to Fairmont State students.

Counseling services

Counseling Services are available to students only — employees, please contact our Employee Assistance Program for free and confidential counseling. Information regarding this service can be found in the employee handbook page Fairmont State is proud to host a chapter of Active Minds on our campus.

Visit their Facebook Page and learn how you can help decrease stigma and promote mental wellness!Counseling and Psychological Services does not discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation. You and your same-sex partner are welcome to use our couples counseling services.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy Program (DBT) The DBT program is designed for students who feel dissatisfied with their personal lives. Students who benefit from the DBT. The college years can be an exciting and challenging time.


The experience can be personally rewarding yet at times can be stressful. The staff at Counseling Services is here to help you gain perspective and be successful both personally and academically.

Stress Management. College is difficult, especially, if you have to balance academics with work, family, and other responsibilities. We'll help with strategies to manage your stress and maximize your potential.

Counseling Services University Counseling Services offers a wide variety of resources to help students adjust to life on campus. Our primary purpose is to provide psychological support as students pursue academic and personal goals and to enhance the quality of their educational experience at Southern Connecticut State University.

Counseling Services We exist to offer hope and encouragement to Texas Baptists struggling with difficult life issues. Our Services Include Confidential assessm. The Student Counseling Services staff is dedicated to fostering connectedness and belonging to YSU students through the offering of didactic and interactive experiences.

Each presentation is designed for a minute time frame with an audience of at least 10 people.

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