Conservation biology

In the past decade Conservation Biology has become the most influential and frequently cited journal in its field.

Conservation biology

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Conservation of biodiversity, environment, and natural resources[ edit ] Conservation biologythe science of protection and management of biodiversity Conservation Conservation biologyan ethic of use, protection, and management of the environment and natural resources Conservation financethe practice of raising and managing capital to support land, water, and resource conservation Conservation geneticsan interdisciplinary science that applies genetic methods to conservation and restoration of biodiversity Conservation movementpolitical, environmental, or social movement that seeks to protect natural resources, including biodiversity and habitat Conservation organization an organization dedicated to protection and management of the environment or natural resources Conservationist Conservation movementa person who advocates for conservation of the environment and natural resources Conservation of natural resources: Energy conservationmanagement of energy resources Habitat conservationland management practices to protect, manage, and restore habitat Marine conservationprotection and management of ocean and sea ecosystems Soil conservationmanagement of soils to prevent erosion, depletion, and contamination Water conservationmanagement of fresh water as a sustainable resource Wetland conservationmanagement to protect and restore wetlands Wildlife conservationprotection of endangered species and their habitat Wildlife managementmanagement to conserve wild species and their habitats Conservation of cultural heritage[ edit ].Description: In the past decade Conservation Biology has become the most influential and frequently cited journal in its field.

Nature calls this title "required reading for ecologists throughout the world." The journal continues to publish groundbreaking papers and remains instrumental in defining the key issues contributing to the study and preservation of species and habitats.

We are biologists and marine conservation experts committed to preserving marine biodiversity and reducing human impacts on cetaceans in various Mediterranean areas..

We produce publications and disseminate science-based information with a focus on factors threatening dolphins and marine life. We study and monitor dolphin populations to assess abundance, detect trends and identify important.

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Science at FMNH - Exploring Unknown Deep Sea Ecosystems. Hydrothermal Vent and Cold Seep Communities. Life in the deep sea is relatively sparse compared to the epipelagic (euphotic) and intertidal zones, with two exciting, and relatively recently discovered exceptions — hydrothermal vent and cold seep communities.

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Conservation biology

Flowers all year long Josh Darfler, Greenhouse and Garden Manager The James G. Kaskey Memorial Park sits on the grounds of the University of Pennsylvania’s original botanic garden planted in the late s.

Today, its three acres provide a green oasis on the south end of Penn’s urban campus, surrounded by the Department of Biology. New book about the raptors of Italy February A new book, written in Italian, has recently been published about the raptors of Italy.

It is called Rapaci d’Italia and is written by Federico Cauli e Fulvio Genero.. It covers all raptor species of Italiy, their biology and status.

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