Confronting an active shooter situation information technology essay

Preparing for an Active Shooter Scenario Preparing for an Active Shooter Scenario Posted on September 12, at September 10, by John Arendes 0 Engaging Training for Workplace Safety Given the recent prevalence of gun violence, businesses and organizations should conduct training and practice emergency response procedures for an active shooter with the same frequency as fire drills or other emergencies. Compliance training should be engaging, and emergency procedures need to be second nature so that staff are equipped to respond effectively under stress. More recently, however, it appears that safety has been compromised with active shooter situations across the United States and is continuously appearing across the news headlines.

Confronting an active shooter situation information technology essay

Confronting an active shooter situation information technology essay

Fort Wayne-Area Emergency Officials Share Advice Quick thinking and being prepared can make the difference between being a survivor or victim. Then, one day, gunshots ring out, and they seem to be getting closer and closer. Quick thinking and being prepared can make the difference between being a survivor or victim — for you, your family, friends or others, local health and emergency personnel said.

Deborah McMahan, health commissioner for the Fort Wayne-Allen County Department of Health, said Friday, referring to the shooting a day earlier that left five people dead in the newsroom of the Capital Gazette newspaper in Annapolis, Md.

McMahan was speaking Friday at a previously scheduled information session for media about how to react in an active-shooter situation and how to help stop the bleeding of people who have been wounded.

The goal of the demonstration is to get the information to you — the public — so you can be prepared to save your life or the lives of others. In addition to the Capital Gazette newsroom, Americans in recent months have experienced mass shootings in schools and at a Las Vegas concert.

Here in Fort Wayne, a man was shot June 15 outside Glenbrook Square mall, which sparked panic based on a false report of an active shooter in the mall. They also should practice the plan and make changes needed to make it work better. The plan should include how to help people with disabilities get to safety.

If escaping could require going out windows, check for objects on hand that can be used to break out window glass. While hiding, scan the room or space for items you can use to protect yourself or use as a weapon against the shooter, if necessary. Chairs and desks, for example, can be used to barricade a door, while an indoor flag pole can be used as a weapon against the shooter.

You also can throw things at the shooter to distract him or her. A phone set on vibrate also makes sounds that can alert the shooter to your location. In Indiana, you also can text information to if it is unsafe to make a phone call. If possible, you also should provide an estimate of the number of victims.

Place your other hand on that hand over the wound and push down hard to apply direct pressure on the wound to reduce or stop the bleeding. If possible, note the time you start use of the tourniquet so you can notify emergency medical personnel how long it has been in place.

You also can use a belt, rope, shirt, tie, stocking or other cloth to make a tourniquet, Hollister said. If you can stop the bleeding at the shooting site, the person has a better chance of staying alive until he or she can be transported to a hospital.An active shooter incident is a scary and terrible situation that hopefully no organization will have to experience.

However, with proper active shooter training there may be a chance to prevent, or at least minimize the damage of a tragic event. Apr 19,  · Technology Sports Weather "Two or three minutes in an active shooter [situation] is a lot of time," Bruner said. "[It] allows our police to come in and do their job." 5.

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Active Shooter. Armed Robbery. Bomb Threat. Crime Prevention. Holiday Safety. Hostage Situation. Free Essay: Active School Shooter Introduction The intention of this paper is to look at and present some issues and strategies that members of a school.

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The active shooter could be a current or former student, current or former employee, or just random. As a community, we already know active shootings are not going away any time soon.

Nor will the effects of an active shooting be less painful for a victim’s family and friends, or the first responders who experience the carnage first-hand. Doxxing, which comes from the word “document,” is the release of an online user’s private information, including but not limited to photo, address, birthdate, and Social Security number.

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