Coca cola market plan and market research essay

Such a success could only be achieved by a strong and outstanding Marketing Management.

Coca cola market plan and market research essay

List of References Introduction In conditions of transition to a market economy, one of the factors of effective functioning of economic entities is the access of these entities to international markets. Marketing, as experts emphasize, is not only a theoretical but also a predominantly practical discipline that arose and developed as a result of economic activity in a market.

Marketing in the course of its development has widely used the advanced achievements of science, it is an arsenal of modern techniques and methods of various scientific disciplines that are used to solve a wide range of tasks.

In the current conditions of development of the economic sphere of society, which are characterized by the intensification of competition in world markets, increasingly complex technological and organizational models of production, extreme information saturation and efficiency of foreign economic activity, is closely linked with the goals and methodology of using marketing tools.

Moreover, its international aspects are significantly updated due to the further internationalization of the world economy, expansion of international trade, more dynamic and massive movement of capital and labor. In conditions of rapid market development, the application of marketing strategies is one of the most important functions for organizations.

Every year the competitive situation grows and is increasingly complicated due to the expansion of the borders of foreign markets, the presence in the domestic market of foreign firms with significant experience of international business. In such conditions, the growth of competitiveness in demonstrated by organizations that carry out their activities not only on the domestic market, but also on foreign markets.

Organizations can count on successful conduct of business in foreign markets only if they have a good knowledge of the world situation and own the economic situation in international markets, which is connected with the need to have not only advanced achievements in the production of goods but also with effective marketing abroad.

Today, the study and application of international marketing by organizations in their activities becomes a necessity. In addition, individual industries of countries with developed market economies could not exist at all without foreign markets, since there is no necessary sales volume within their country.

The foregoing causes the relevance of the study on "International Marketing". The subject of the study is marketing in international markets, the subject of research is the essence and the system of it.

The purpose of the paper work is to analyze the principles of international marketing, to consider this kind of activities in The Coca Cola Company.

To achieve this goal, I solve a number of problems: It is a part of the overall management process. As a type of management, it includes an analysis of the needs of customers and the development of a set of measures designed to ensure that they are met with the maximum profit for the organization.

According to the definition, international marketing is the marketing of goods and services in the markets of countries other than the producing country. Therefore, the center of marketing activities of the organization is the preparation and adoption of managerial solutions that allow solving international marketing tasks on the basis of relevant external market and internal technical, industrial and economic information.

The essence of international marketing is the consideration of the whole world as its potential market, its analysis and satisfaction of its needs. It also requires an important aspect of the problem, such as the differences between categories: Export consists in the fact that producers are limited to supplying their products to firms of other countries importers.

The suppliers are not interested in what is happening with their products, how satisfied the need of customer are. Export marketing is understood as an attempt to sell products in another country, which differs from sales on the domestic market: As a rule, the company at the same times translates its trading practices beyond the national borders, making minimal changes to its components.

It is with the establishment of export operations that many firms start their international marketing activities. The exporter deeply examines the market and uses for its processing the entire set of marketing tools, as well as various forms of foreign economic relations: The conceptual basis for the formation of international marketing, the most intensive development of which was noted in the s of the 20th century, was a serious change in the development of productive forces and relations.

Among them are the following: International marketing activities do not involve the use of any fundamentally new marketing functions. It is quite obvious that there cannot be effective international marketing at an enterprise that does not comply with basic marketing principles in the domestic area.

Principles and Methods of International Marketing For successful marketing activities in foreign markets, organizations must make greater and more focused efforts, consistently follow the principles of marketing, use marketing techniques, methods, procedures.

As a rule, external markets place not only high, but also special requirements for the goods offered on them, their services, advertising. This is due to both to the specific demand of individual markets, and to the level of competition. International marketing is based on the principles of national and has a similar structure.

At the same time, it is specific, because it deals with foreign trade and currency transactions, foreign and international legislation. The incentives of international business are the comparative advantages caused by division and specialization of the economies of states, the difference in their economic and geographical conditions.

International marketing is an objective process dictated by the current state of the world community: Proceeding from this, international marketing should be viewed as a managerial activity in the world market, designed to provide a more complete satisfaction with the specific needs and needs of consumers in necessary goods than competitors.

The main principle of international marketing is the orientation of the final results of production on the real requirements and wishes of foreign consumers.

From this principle follows a number of requirements: Before deciding to organize sales abroad, and organization needs to learn a lot. She needs to thoroughly understand the features of the international marketing environment [4].International Marketing Strategy of Coca Cola Company - The essence and objectives of international marketing - Umut Çelik - Term Paper - Business economics - Marketing, Corporate Communication, CRM, Market Research, Social Media - Publish your bachelor's or master's thesis, dissertation, term paper or essay.

Continue for 2 more pages» • Join now to read essay Coca Cola - Current Marketing Stratgies and other term papers or research documents/5(1). Application Process of Market Research (Coca-Cola Company) Vas Gergő Teacher: Zsófia Kárász Whether your goal is to expand into new markets, introduce a new product or service, or gauge customer reactions, even the smallest businesses can benefit from a .

Coca cola market plan and market research essay

Indeed, all the growth in the soda pop industry over the past decade and a half is a result of sales of low-calorie and no-calorie drinks, like Coke Zero. The market shows diet soda beverages as one-third of the soda pop sales in Canada and the United States.

Marketing Plan for Coca Cola Essay example Words Oct 1st, 8 Pages Executive summary The principal activities of the Coca-Cola Company are the manufacture, distribution and marketing of nonalcoholic . Marketing Plan Of Coca Cola Company Marketing Essay.

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Coca cola market plan and market research essay

Disclaimer: or percent of the £ billion Nominal GDP.4 The Coca-Cola Business had a 50 percent plus market share of the industry, making its contribution alone economically significant, regarding percent of the GDP.

The purpose of Coca Cola’s.

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