Blood and ans

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Blood and ans

What are the main functions of blood? Blood is a means of substance transportation throughout the body. Blood distributes nutrients, oxygen, hormones, antibodies and cells specialized in defense to tissues and collects waste such as nitrogenous wastes and carbon dioxide from them.

What elements make up blood? Blood is made of a liquid and a cellular portion. The fluid part is called plasma Blood and ans contains several substances, including proteins, lipids, carbohydrates and mineral salts.

The cellular components of blood are also known as blood corpuscles and they include erythrocytes red blood cellsleukocytes and platelets. Blood Questions Review - Image Diversity: Challenge your Facebook and Twitter friends.

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Hematopoiesis, Bone Marrow and Stem Cells 3. Hematopoiesis is the formation of blood cells and the other elements that make up blood. Where does hematopoiesis occur?

Hematopoiesis occurs in the bone marrow mainly within flat boneswhere erythrocytes, leukocytes and platelets are made; and in lymphoid tissue, which is responsible for the maturation of leukocytes and which is found in the thymus, spleen and lymph nodes.

In which bones can bone marrow chiefly be found? Is bone marrow made of bone tissue? Bone marrow can mainly be found in the internal cavities of flat bones, such as vertebrae, the ribs, the shoulder blades, the sternum and the hips.

Bone marrow is not made of bone tissue, although it is a connective tissue just like bone tissue. What are blood stem cells? Stem cells are undifferentiated cells able to differentiate into other types of specialized cells. The stem cells of the bone marrow produce differentiated blood cells.

Depending on stimuli from specific growth factors, stem cells are turned into red blood cells, leukocytes and megakaryocytes the cells that form platelets. Research shows that the stem cells of the bone marrow can also differentiate into muscle, nervous and hepatic cells.

Blood and Your Health

What are the other names for erythrocytes? What is the function of these cells? Erythrocytes are also known as red blood cells RBCs or red corpuscles. Red blood cells are responsible for transporting oxygen from the lungs to tissues. What is the name of the molecule in red blood cells that transports oxygen?

The respiratory pigment of red blood cells is called hemoglobin. What is the molecular composition of hemoglobin?


Does the functionality of hemoglobin as a protein depend on its tertiary or quaternary structure? Hemoglobin is a molecule made of four polypeptide chains, each bound to an iron-containing molecular group called a heme group. Therefore, the molecule contains four polypeptide chains and four heme groups.

As a protein composed of polypeptide chains, the functionality of hemoglobin depends upon the integrity of its quaternary structure. On average, what is the lifespan of a red blood cell? Where are they destroyed? Where do heme groups go after the destruction of hemoglobin molecules?

On average, red blood cells live for around days. The spleen is the main organ where old red blood cells are destroyed. What are the functions of the spleen? Why can people still live after a total splenectomy surgical removal of the spleen?

The spleen has many functions: What are the four main types of anemia? Anemia is a low concentration of hemoglobin in the blood.

Blood and ans

The four main types of anemia are nutrient-deficiency anemia, anemia caused by blood loss, hemolytic anemia and aplastic anemia.Liver blood tests are designed to show evidence that abnormalities, for example, inflammation, liver cell damage, has or is occurring within the liver.

The blood tests most frequently used for liver disease are the aminotransferases (alanine aminotransferase or ALT and aspartate aminotransferase or AST).

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Blood and ans

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Lung cancer (non small cell) Non-small cell lung cancer is the most common type of lung cancer and can cause a cough, chest pain, and more. of blood // Increase in CO2 in the blood P5 - Blood pH decreases // More H+ (ions) in the blood 1 P6 - that will be detected by peripheral chemoreceptor / aortic bodies / carotid 1.

Proven Foods and Herbs to Cleanse Your Blood (Science Based) By Jenny Hills, Nutritionist and Medical Writer Food & Nutrition Cleansing your blood is a great way to naturally rid toxins from your body and keep yourself in good health.

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