Aquafina of pepsico project report

Through our operations, authorized bottlers, contract manufacturers and other third parties, we make, market, distribute and sell a wide variety of convenient and enjoyable beverages, foods and snacks, serving customers and consumers in more than countries and territories. Performance with Purpose is our goal to deliver sustained value by providing a wide range of beverages, foods and snacks, from treats to healthy eats; finding innovative ways to minimize our impact on the environment and lower our costs through energy and water conservation as well as reduce our use of packaging material; providing a safe and inclusive workplace for our employees globally; and respecting, supporting and investing in the local communities in which we operate. Insales to Walmart Stores, Inc.

Aquafina of pepsico project report

Indra Nooyi became C. She also had a portfolio full of junk food just as the world decided that junk food is borderline toxic.

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For more information on the people and ideas in the episode, see the links at the bottom of this post. You — for the purposes of this conversation — are on the board of directors of a large, publicly traded firm.

In our last episode, we learned that boards are increasingly picking outsiders, in the hope of shaking things up. An objective, smart, honest, intelligent insider is generally a much better pick than somebody from the outside. Which seems to be just how she likes it.

Just smart, reliable, forward-looking, and just about any other positive adjective you can come up with. From people who shop for C. Any time we can put up someone like her, hold her up as an example of what females can do.

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And from professional C. She wants to delegate authority for others to grow and allow them to make some mistakes that she knows she could have prevented. Today on Freakonomics Radio: Indra Nooyi, the C. At the end of the day we viewed him as free consulting — painful, but free consulting.

On how hard it can be to make your company change with the times. On why you have to accept some people as they are.

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She played cricket — and lead guitar in an all-girl rock band. She worked for several years in management consulting, then in corporate strategy, and joined PepsiCo inas chief strategist.

Aquafina of pepsico project report

Twelve years later, she became its C. We spoke with her not long ago, on a Monday morning. Hi Stephen, how are you? Very well, thank you. So, let me ask you this. Probably incredulous, because what you would have assumed was that she was going to be a firebrand, she was going to do something that was non-conventional, but she was going to do it in India.

Probably happily married with lots of little kids, taking care of all of the older people in the home, and just a little conservative girl around, but somebody who was going to be a firebrand and make trouble.

Was there a turning point?

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Even the day before they told me that I was going to be C. The plan was to just keep doing a very, very good job, and making sure the company was in a good place.Many consumer brands have seen their business completely disrupted by the consumer adoption of smartphones. Whether banking online, shopping, traveling, ordering food, or accessing entertainment, disruption has been all-encompassing.

Pepsi Cola in Pakistan. Pepsi-Cola is one of the best soft drink in the world. The company has operated continuously for over 40 years offering a range of quality products Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Miranda, 7UP, Diet 7UP, Mountain Dew. The Coca-Cola Company is the worlds largest manufacturer, distributor, and marketer of non-alcoholic beverage concentrates and syrups.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, KO sells concentrated forms of its beverages to bottlers, which produce, package, and sell the finished products to retailers. The Coca. Have a product question or comment?

Contact Aquafina Consumer Relations online or via phone at M-F EST.

Aquafina of pepsico project report

Microplastics found in more than 90% of bottled water, study says. A new analysis of some of the world's most popular bottled water brands says more than 90% contain tiny pieces of plastic. Replenishing Water Through Community Water Harvesting Project, Neelamangala. The initiative In Neelamangala, Bangalore Rural, PepsiCo has partnered with Alternative Development Initiatives (ADI) to protect and replenish water resources through the creation of water harvesting structures by introducing artificial recharge systems within water bodies.

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