A brief history of fleischer studios once the biggest competitior of disney

The "novelty" was based largely on the results of the " Rotoscope ", invented by Fleischer to produce realistic animation.

Edit The company had its start when Max Fleischer invented the rotoscopewhich allowed for extremely lifelike animation.

A brief history of fleischer studios once the biggest competitior of disney

Using this device, the Fleischer brothers got a contract with Bray Studio in to produce their own series called Out of the Inkwellwhich featured their first characters, the as yet unnamed Koko the Clownand Fitz the Dog, who would evolve into Bimbo in Out of the Inkwell became a very successful series.

As the Bray theatrical operation started to diminish, the brothers began their own studio in Dave served as the director and supervised the studio's production, while Max served as the producer.

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Throughout the s, Fleischer was one of the top producers of animation, with clever humor and numerous innovations including the Rotograph, an early photographic process for compositing animation with live action backgrounds. Other innovations included Ko-Ko Song Car-Tunes and sing-along shorts featuring the famous " bouncing ball "which were a sort of precursor to Karaoke.

From May to Septemberthe studio used Dr. Sound and color Edit Betty Boop, from the opening title sequence of the earliest entries in the Betty Boop Cartoons series. With their earlier experience with sound, Fleischer Studios made the transition with ease.

Their production and distribution deal with Paramount allowed to expand on their song film format in their new Screen Songsa continuation of the earlier Ko-Ko Song Cartunes.

In October of that same year, the Fleischers introduced a new series called Talkartoons. Earlier entries in the series were mostly one-shot cartoons, but Bimbo would become a staple of the series. Bimbo was upstaged by his girlfriend, Betty Boopwho quickly became the star of the studio, and by Augustthe Talkartoon series was renamed as Betty Boop cartoons; Fleischer Studios also gained more success by using Cab Calloway in three Betty Boop cartoons, Louis Armstrongand Don Redman each featured in separate cartoons.

Betty was the first featured female character in American animation, and she reflected the distinctive adult urban orientation of the studio's product. The studio's initial successes began to turn as the s continued.

Inthe Hays Code was enacted in Hollywood, which resulted in severe censorship for films. Betty's sexuality was neutralized, and much of her charm was lost.

At the same time, the Hays Code affected the tone of Paramount's films. Paramount had also gone through three reorganizations from bankruptcy between and And the new management set out to make more general audience films of the type made at MGM, but for lower budgets.

Lasting Influence

This change in content policy affected the content of cartoons that Fleischer was to produce for Paramount, who was urging Fleischer to consider emulating Walt Disney's cartoons. The most notable example of the Fleischers' adaptation of the Disney style was their Color Classics series, which was essentially a copy and direct parody of Disney's Silly Symphonies.

The Fleischers' success was further solidified when they licensed E. Segar 's comic strip character Popeye the Sailor for a cartoon series of his own.

A brief history of fleischer studios once the biggest competitior of disney

Popeye eventually became the most popular series the Fleischers ever produced, and its success rivaled that of Walt Disney 's Mickey Mouse cartoons.

Three Technicolor Popeye featurettes were produced in, andand were billed in many theatres alongside with or above the main feature. Inthey released Ants in the Plantsa 7: Paramount lent Fleischer the money for a larger studio, which was built in Miami, Florida to take advantage of tax breaks and to break up union activity resulting from a bitter strike.

The new Fleischer studio opened in Octoberand production on the first feature, Gulliver's Travelswent from the development stage into active production. Upon its Christmas release, Gulliver had a decent showing at the box office, although the quality of the story and animation was far behind that of the film it tried to emulate, Snow White.

Between the release of Gulliver and the follow-up feature Mr. Bug Goes to Townthe Fleischers produced their best work from this period, a series of high quality shorts based upon the comic book superhero Superman. However, this late success did not help the studio lift its financial trouble.

The expanded staff of the new Miami studio created a high overhead, necessitating steady production. A number of the shorts turned out during this period, such as the continuing Popeye shorts and a two-reel adaptation of Raggedy Ann and Andymaintained a high level of quality.

Others, like the Stone Age Cartoonsthe various Gulliver spin-off series including Gabby and a two-reel adaptation of The Ravenwere among the studio's least successful output.

Acquisition by Paramount See also: Famous Studios As profits dwindled, the Fleischers had to frequently request loans from Paramount and eventually had to surrender their shares of the studio.Preston Blair’s Animation (Book is the best “how to” book on cartoon animation ever published.

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